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New York's Grand Central...Supertrain Style

NBC reportedly spent in the neighborhood of five-million dollars for the "Supertrain" sets and models. For only 10 one-hour episodes, that's half a million dollars per hour for the minatures and sets.  This section of the website reviews and displays images of the New York City Grand Central set that was housed at MGM in California.

They've rolled out the red carpet and Supertrain is ready for boarding on the Grand Central Set.  This image shows the side first bi-level passenger car.
That odd looking contraption located near the bottom of this image on the Grand Central set is the movable roller that stored Supertrain's red carpet, when not in use.
The above image clearly shows the backdrop featuring the Supertrain cars and overhead lights trailing into the distance that was positioned just behind the actual size engine and first car on the Grand Central Set.

Grand Central Set Under Construction